Confessions of a Daughterless Mother
One wife and mother's take on life with three boys: noise, chaos, worry, smiles and a whole lotta love.
You are not amazing

                                                       (Photo credit to Lisa Broyles) Everyday my boys do something that amazes me. From the beginning – lifting their heads up the day they were born (all three […]

Posted: 06/15/15 12:49 PM
An Ordinary Life

I saw this quote a few weeks ago and have been ruminating on it ~ rolling it over in my mind and listening to its message ever since. “Do not ask your children to strive for extraordinary lives. Such striving may seem admirable, but it is the way of foolishness. Help them instead to find the wonderand the […]

Posted: 05/27/15 1:52 PM
Sometimes We Are Just A Sh17 Show!

Friday Cooper lost his wallet.  Again. Last week he lost it and someone was kind enough to make a few phone calls and track him down.

Posted: 05/20/15 7:34 PM
Mother’s Day in a House Full of Boys

Seventeen years ago I celebrated my first Mother’s Day. The sun was out, though it was a little chilly, I wore my favorite purple sundress with a cute blue cardigan over it. We took baby Cooper for a ride up to Morrison Lake so Eric could show me where his family cottage that had been […]

Posted: 05/11/15 8:09 PM
Walks, Rides and Taking Flight

Last night I sat at the 100 Days Away Football Kick Off meeting and heard my son referred to for the first time as a “Senior”. I had helped prepare the meeting – so I drifted off when it began … When the boys were little Eric and I put miles and miles on both […]

Posted: 04/30/15 6:56 PM
Creating Hooks

“I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean.” LeAnn Womack, “I Hope You Dance” The first time we took Cooper out of the country he was just shy of four months old. We traveled to St. Lucia in the Caribbean and put his baby toes in the sand and held him […]

Posted: 04/21/15 6:04 PM