Confessions of a Daughterless Mother
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Me at 43

Birthday flowers from my girlfriend I am 8 days into my 44th year.  I intended to write a post on my birthday … but I couldn’t.  I have always been moved to write and find that when I force myself it usually becomes an episode of me sitting in a chair bouncing up every 5 […]

Posted: 03/31/15 6:34 PM
Teachable Moments …

Yesterday when Jackson came home from school we had a rare few moments to ourselves. He chatted about his day – telling me funny stories and anecdotes about his new teachers for this tri. He’s not usually this talkative – so I was enjoying every minute. Eric and I often laugh at how often our […]

Posted: 03/19/15 3:23 PM
Yoga, Paddleboards, Gators & Sharks …

I have spent a lot of time in the last week working on putting my phone down, looking the boys in the eye when we are chatting, to be more present.

Posted: 03/11/15 5:10 PM
Amazing what we learn from kids and dogs …

This morning as Aiden sat sleepily eating his breakfast at the counter, I was curled up in a chair next to the fire in the kitchen chatting with him.

Posted: 03/2/15 5:43 PM
Guiding from the Side

                                            Momma and As Aiden: “I’m getting made fun of about my temper” Hmm … words any momma hates to hear “I’m getting made fun of”.  Aiden sent me this text yesterday while at […]

Posted: 02/19/15 6:34 PM
I Think I Blinked …

Coop at 5 Coop at 17 I have never been the mom who celebrates when Labor Day draws near and Staples starts running a perpetual stream of “Back to School” ads. You know, the ones where the parents are dancing, singing and celebrating the beginning of the school year? I mourn the end of summer […]

Posted: 02/16/15 8:12 AM