Confessions of a Daughterless Mother
One wife and mother's take on life with three boys: noise, chaos, worry, smiles and a whole lotta love.
Your Unhappiest Child

This photo is one of my favorites of E and I ever. We were sitting under a water fall in Jamaica, laughing. I mean absolutely belly laughing … cold, mountain stream water running down our faces. My kids were right there, watching our joy. They saw it. They felt it. And the truth is, our […]

Posted: 11/9/18 6:33 PM
An Open Letter to the Other Woman

I may have met you already, perhaps not. You are the one who will whisk him away, create a life with him, a family a home. You are the one that will find his lost wallet, hear his frustrations at the end of the day and his excitement in the morning. You will be the […]

Posted: 10/11/18 3:15 PM
Six Words: Change your thinking. Change your life.

I’m sick. Like coughing-so-hard-i-might-turn-inside-out sick. I haven’t slept in a week and when I have slept it’s been interrupted (repeatedly) by hacking fits.

Posted: 10/1/18 2:25 PM
Be a Life Preserver

You guys. Really. You are amazing. I posted last week about feeling stuck with my new project. That sometimes the words come so easily, they fly out quicker than I can type. Lately, it’s been like dragging a sled up hill in the snow. In ski boots. It’s sucked. I hesitated to write a “feedback” […]

Posted: 09/17/18 1:21 PM

I was listening to a conversation of two women in a waiting room last week. I was sitting just a few chairs away, their words loud enough I could hear as if I was sitting in their circle. I gathered the two were new friends, they spoke of shared common friendships and had both had […]

Posted: 08/29/18 4:05 PM
Not Mine To Keep

I suppose I thought it might be easier this time. I suppose I thought, because I’ve done it once now, that sending my boy off to college wouldn’t weigh so heavily on my heart. I suppose I thought the wisdom of experience, the fortune of having traveled this path before to guide me would make […]

Posted: 08/14/18 10:03 PM