Confessions of a Daughterless Mother
One wife and mother's take on life with three boys: noise, chaos, worry, smiles and a whole lotta love.
Six Words: Change your thinking. Change your life.

I’m sick. Like coughing-so-hard-i-might-turn-inside-out sick. I haven’t slept in a week and when I have slept it’s been interrupted (repeatedly) by hacking fits.

Posted: 10/1/18 2:25 PM
Be a Life Preserver

You guys. Really. You are amazing. I posted last week about feeling stuck with my new project. That sometimes the words come so easily, they fly out quicker than I can type. Lately, it’s been like dragging a sled up hill in the snow. In ski boots. It’s sucked. I hesitated to write a “feedback” […]

Posted: 09/17/18 1:21 PM

I was listening to a conversation of two women in a waiting room last week. I was sitting just a few chairs away, their words loud enough I could hear as if I was sitting in their circle. I gathered the two were new friends, they spoke of shared common friendships and had both had […]

Posted: 08/29/18 4:05 PM
Not Mine To Keep

I suppose I thought it might be easier this time. I suppose I thought, because I’ve done it once now, that sending my boy off to college wouldn’t weigh so heavily on my heart. I suppose I thought the wisdom of experience, the fortune of having traveled this path before to guide me would make […]

Posted: 08/14/18 10:03 PM
The Mother Tree

I have driven past this tree, walked and ran past this tree. I’ve ridden my bike and sat shot gun in the gator.  I’ve walked alone and I’ve walked with my boys past her. I’ve seen her out the window of a dozen different cars and I’ve noticed her a thousand different times. She didn’t […]

Posted: 07/26/18 4:35 PM

Years ago when I taught child birth education classes one of the last things I urged my young moms and dads to do was to be present in the process.  I told them I knew there were days that being pregnant frankly sucked – and that there were days the only positive or joyful thing […]

Posted: 07/12/18 4:14 PM