Confessions of a Daughterless Mother
One wife and mother's take on life with three boys: noise, chaos, worry, smiles and a whole lotta love.
My Ten Reasons Older Kids Rock

A couple days ago I posted the following conversation that happened in my kitchen:  “Coop’s home from school for the weekend. Walks in starts to make food just as As gets home from school. All standing in the kitchen As (14 yo) says: Momma can you hand me the butter?  Mind you – I am […]

Posted: 01/30/18 5:47 PM
My Resolution? No More Resolutions

All my life I thought I was a resolution girl.  For the past two decades — without fail– my resolution come Jan 1 has been to lose weight, exercise more and to create more balance.  A big kick in the ass to get my shit together. Fortunately or unfortunately, the last 2 years have been […]

Posted: 01/9/18 5:52 PM

I believe in words. I believe they have the power to heal, to foster hope, to cause pain, create fear. I use words to convey my feelings, I use them to empower me and provide emotion. I have used words to inflict a wound and to make a point. I believe in words. I love […]

Posted: 12/15/17 4:04 PM
A Letter to my Boys on Finding A Life

I see you struggling.  I know it’s hard. It’s one of the most difficult times in life, ironically one of the times that adults repeatedly frame as “the best years of your life”, although we know that isn’t true. You aren’t the only one trying to figure this shit out.  I promise. We just don’t […]

Posted: 12/6/17 5:06 PM
Sylvia’s Momma

Her face was tight. Stern creases edged between her eyebrows. Lines etched across her forehead, promising to deepen over time.  Sylvia! I told you to stay here. Why can’t you fricking listen? If you can’t listen you can’t come with me anymore. She grabbedSylvia’s hand, reefing on her arm in anger. She readjusted the baby on […]

Posted: 11/17/17 2:14 PM
The Secret Life of Boys

People have long told me I would be so happy that I didn’t have daughters, that the drama and chaos of daughters in the house far outweighs the joys and besides, boys are so much easier. Bullshit. I am a believer that it depends more on the kid’s personality, brain chemistry and environment and not […]

Posted: 11/7/17 5:13 PM