Confessions of a Daughterless Mother
One wife and mother's take on life with three boys: noise, chaos, worry, smiles and a whole lotta love.
The Underbelly of Motherhood

Aiden sailing ahead of me There are times the universe speaks to me, lands in my lap the lessons I need to learn, what I need to know to grow. This week I had an email, a book and a conversation that conspired together to get me thinking. Raising teens, and young adults, has been […]

Posted: 05/15/17 6:17 PM
Wild Child

A photo of Jacko’s feet on the edge of the roof top of the Hog’s Breath Saloon in Key West. He sent it to me while I was enjoying a cold beer and hadn’t realized he had slipped away… His eyes search for roof tops the way my soul craves sand and sun. He seeks […]

Posted: 05/1/17 6:03 PM

I went to Meijer three times this week.  It took until the third trip for me to remember what I needed on the first trip – ink for my printer.  I needed to scan some documentation to send to school, but the scanner on the printer was broken, no problem I will just copy it […]

Posted: 03/8/17 5:08 PM
Hoarding Independence

I believe the universe speaks to me.  At least, I believe there are times I am supposed to be learning lessons, growing from moments and situations and that the universe has a way of leading me, like a horse led to water. Cooper has been living in another state for six months now.  For six […]

Posted: 02/1/17 8:46 PM
I Wonder

I always imagine my aged feet will feel cramped, strapped in, painful when I slip them into my skates.  But, they never do, the worn, twenty year old leather feels snug, like home.  Even the ragged edges and the worn down lambs wool don’t scratch or tug. I am Cinderella, the slipper always fits. The […]

Posted: 01/25/17 8:27 PM
Lessons From Semester One

He’s home! He’s home! I haven’t written much since he left. That’s not even true.  I haven’t written anything of any worth in months. Since we dropped him off to be exact.  A few sentences, a few strings of words, disconnected from each other with no true band of thought.  Cooper leaving for college is […]

Posted: 12/19/16 4:00 PM