Confessions of a Daughterless Mother
One wife and mother's take on life with three boys: noise, chaos, worry, smiles and a whole lotta love.
You’re On Your Own Kiddo

I wrote so often about Cooper’s Senior Year, about his impending graduation and moving away that I have found myself, now that those events have passed, with very few words. I didn’t cry. Well, that’s kind of a lie. I didn’t cry … too much. And not in front of him, but save a few […]

Posted: 08/18/16 8:06 PM
Be Kind

Yesterday I came home after a 5 day trip with Jackson out east to play lacrosse. We had risen at 3 am to fly home, I was exhausted. Not just from travel, but from the weight of life. But the fridge was unbelievably bare (does no one know the way to the grocery store but […]

Posted: 07/19/16 5:34 PM
27 Ways to Score from Third Base

I know he’s not on third … it’s the best I could do today. 🙂 Let’s see if I can make this make sense … I am not at all sure that I can.  I haven’t written in a long time. A couple weeks before Coop graduated was my last entry … and it’s been […]

Posted: 07/7/16 7:59 PM
22 Wake Ups

I should love this photo. Just a quick snapshot of brothers. Of math homework. Of team work. I see that in their faces and in their postures. But it’s also a photo of frustration, of disappointment, of indifference. It’s the portrait of homework in our home.   I was reading an article today from a […]

Posted: 05/11/16 7:05 PM
And Still …

It’s one of those days.  A day where the clouds and the rain seep into my bones and the nostalgia of these past months makes me weep. I walked by a picture of Cooper today as a baby.  It stopped me in my tracks, sucking me into the time sucking whole of memories and whispers […]

Posted: 04/19/16 7:27 PM
Thoughts from a Recovering Control Addict

When I was still coaching skating, my boys were young. In fact, I retired shortly after Aiden was born and Cooper went into first grade. While I have an infinite number of wonderful memories, one that comes back to me often …

Posted: 04/13/16 3:53 PM