Confessions of a Daughterless Mother
One wife and mother's take on life with three boys: noise, chaos, worry, smiles and a whole lotta love.
My Middle

Jackson was put on this earth to challenge me, not always (if ever) an in-your-face-teenage-boy-challenge, but a subtle request to do better. He challenges me to be my best, to follow my moral compass, to not only seek justice but to redefine it, to find it hiding in the nooks and crannies of life as […]

Posted: 03/29/16 2:42 PM
Eyes Wide Open

I typically stay off of the “community” Facebook page for our little town. I find it mostly uplifting, but also find the complaining and lack of compassion at times too much to deal with. After all, I shouldn’t walk away from reading my news feed irritated at random strangers for their narrow minded views, or […]

Posted: 03/15/16 5:40 PM

Me and my As He runs ahead of me, kicking up a dusting of the few inches of fresh fallen snow. He’s wearing a hand me down pair of tennis shoes.  He said he doesn’t have any boots that fit, honestly I’m not sure he does and I feel a vague sense of guilt. We […]

Posted: 02/18/16 2:43 PM
All Alone

Every time we go for a walk, Eric and I wonder how many miles our footsteps have carved out. How many times we have walked down our road, looked at the same trees and the same houses. Passed the same mailboxes and kicked the same stones. We walk a lot, passing time, getting exercise, spending […]

Posted: 02/15/16 8:02 PM
Me, The Scale and I

To say I always battled my weight would be a lie. In fact I don’t remember even knowing what my weight was until shortly after I auditioned for Disney on Ice. I was a floundering sophomore in college and until I heard the words, “As soon as you can get your weight below 120 pounds […]

Posted: 01/19/16 7:20 PM
Finding Happy

It’s January. It’s cold. It’s Michigan, so it’s also gray and snowy. The post-holiday blues, lack of sun and time outside (plus the new year hard reset on my diet and exercise that I neglected over the past few months) make this time of year difficult for me. I struggle to sleep, struggle to wake […]

Posted: 01/13/16 9:02 PM