Confessions of a Daughterless Mother
One wife and mother's take on life with three boys: noise, chaos, worry, smiles and a whole lotta love.
Last Christmas

A few weeks ago we headed out to hunt for our perfect Christmas tree.It was sunny and warm (normally I am not a big fan of the snow …

Posted: 12/17/15 4:30 PM
Words for my Son on Year 18

When I first looked into your eyes, I expected fireworks. I mean, how else does it feel when you meet the soul that has made you a mother for the first time? The moment was still, and quiet. There were no fireworks, just a gentle connection as our eyes met. I searched your face for […]

Posted: 11/18/15 6:53 PM
Pine Tree Drive

View from my walk … For my entire life my grandparent’s house was a cozy, blue, wood-sided ranch nestled in a bed of pine tree needles, pachysandra and ivy, protected by the sentry pines that dropped their leaves in soft, velvety piles — fragrant enough to make you believe it was Christmas in the heat […]

Posted: 10/21/15 10:30 PM
Other People’s Kids

A few months ago Eric and I were having dinner with Aiden at Cugino’s — our favorite hometown restaurant. When we walked in — there was a wait per usual — Eric scanned the crowd looking for familiar faces. A woman caught his eye as she sat and chatted, waiting for her table. A minute […]

Posted: 10/15/15 4:52 PM
And then I second guessed myself …

I’m trying to find balance. I’m trying to find a place where hanging on and letting go can play nice in the pool. I called the high school guidance counselor this morning. Cooper filled out several college apps over the past few weeks–I have done little more than proof read for him. He has handled […]

Posted: 09/28/15 6:55 PM
Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

                                               Energy Flows Where Attention Goes While preparing for savasana in my yoga class on Monday morning my instructor quoted one of the seven Hawaiian–Huna–life principles for us to meditate and focus on […]

Posted: 09/22/15 7:58 PM