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    Last Turn Home

    A dream job, a loft apartment all to herself and a relationship with one of Chicago’s favorite sons is all Tessa Wallace thinks she needs to be happy.  Life is moving along exactly how she planned it. When a phone call from her hometown comes with news of her estranged grandmother’s passing, Tessa is faced with a decision she never thought she’d have to make.

    Going home was never an option, until it became the only one.

    Tessa finds her way back to Chapel Corners, the small town in Michigan she left over a decade earlier without a plan, or a suitcase. Using her instincts, her love of Lake Michigan, an old friend and a few new ones, Tessa works to uncover the truth about her past.  Will revelations about her mother, her estranged grandmother and her beloved Grandpa Henry teach her what it really means to be comfortable in your own skin? Or will discoveries about her past cause Tessa to run away again, giving up on finally making peace with her past and plans for her future?

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    Nora Phillips’ life is perfect. Well, she wants you to believe it is. 

    With her youngest son graduating from high school eight years after her daughter, Nora should be looking forward to the adventures that lie ahead and spending more time with her husband, Joe. Instead, on the evening of Sullivan’s graduation her life begins to unravel in ways she never would have predicted. Nora finds herself struggling to let go of the pieces of her perfect life to make room for the imperfect life she has. 

    Will she find the strength to redefine herself and find the moments of beauty that are hidden in seasons of change? Or will she cling to a perfect ideal that never quite measures up?

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    Forget Me Not

    Stephanie Laredo has everything figured out. 

    Until  the man she loves returns to his wife, and her only daughter moves across the country. Suddenly, Stephanie finds herself alone for the first time in her life. Confronted by her father’s declining health and one too many hangovers, Stephanie cannot deny something needs to change.

    When a mysterious message sets off a chain of events that are sure to do just that, Stephanie is confronted with a painful past she’s done her best to forget. With the help of her oldest friend, a pup named Scout and a new favorite cafe, Stephanie begins to remember who she is and who she wants to be. Will Stephanie finally get out of her own way and find happiness, or will she stay stuck in a life she doesn’t want?

    Don’t miss author Lara Alspaugh’s heartwarming second novel, and conclusion, of the True North Collection. 

“They had forgotten to look for the beauty hidden deep inside moments of velveteen imperfection …A In a life well lived, that is where the beauty is.”

Lara Alspaugh, “Where the Beauty Is”

About Me

Since I can remember, I have always wanted to be a writer. There is always a journal beside my bed, my words tucked deeply inside the pages. Pen and paper have been a safe place for me to be honest with myself in ways I perhaps struggle to be honest in the daylight. In fact, I often do not know what I think or how I feel about something until I’ve written about it.


Lara Alspaugh - Author

Author Panel with Lori Nelson Spielman and MJ Parisian

East Lansing Public Library, East Lansing, Michigan @ 7pm

Spring Writer’s Conference

Kent District Library – Comstock Park, Comstock Park, Michigan 8:30-2

Women’s “Writes” Author Panel

Grand Ledge Public Library, Grand Ledge, Michigan @ 6pm

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Book Signing

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“Last Turn Home” Award Finalist in Women’s Fiction category of the 2019 American Fiction Awards

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“Last Turn Home” Award Finalist in Independent Author Network (IAN) Book of the Year Award